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  • Search for information about your favourite songs of the 20th Century
  • Create and maintain your own database of haves and wants
  • Ask questions and get feedback about record collecting
  • GO TO the link for AussieWeb Local Search for our full contact details, including a map to our location:
  • "How well did your favourite song do in the Australian Top 40? To find out go to: to order the latest edition of THE BOOK Top 40 Research by Jim Barnes & Stephen Scanes...
  • If you're interested in detailed information on Australian & New Zealand Music/Artists/Bands go to Chris Spencer's web-site at where you will find a complete listing of books & cdROM's available...
  • For a fully comprehensive compilation of Rockabilly I recommend Terry Gordon's Rockin' Country Style web-site - go to where you can not only search by Artist or Title but Labels and Compilation Albums as well...
  • For Blues enthusiasts GO TO Stefan Wirz's web-site for a comprehensive list of early Blues artists
  • For a comprehensive Rhythm n' Blues Discography GO TO
  • Dick Rosemont has put a lot of hard work into identifying & qualifying original versions of songs - find out the story behind your favourite song at
  • For everything you wanted to know about Eddie Cochran visit Tapio Vaisanen's Eddie Cochran Connection site at:
  • Yoni Neeman has a very interesting Soul music site with sound bytes at: - you can also contact Yoni with questions or suggestions through the site.
  • Bill Dann has a great site specialising in Answer Songs, Novelty songs, Girl Groups & Christmas oddities. Go to: for lots of fun facts.

  • About Platter-Saurus
    Platter-saurus database
    The Platter-Saurus database is a collection of 20th Century Musical Styles, Artists and Titles. There are currently over 80,000 entries spread over 24 categories of music. It is not a database of every song ever published during the 20th Century but rather a collection of the main ones.
    Platter-Saurus DatabasePlatter-Saurus Database
    my collection database
    The 'My Collection' database can be used in several different ways. You can keep a record of what songs or albums you have in your personal collection. You can use records from the Platter-Saurus database or add records of your own. You could also use it as a 'wants' database to keep record of songs or albums you wish to collect. Again you can use records from the Platter-Saurus database or add records of your own.
    My Collection DatabaseMy Collection Database
    The below page is used to send and receive feedback to and from the webmaster. Messages are kept in an internet email account style including an inbox and sent messages folder.
    Platter-Saurus FeedbackPlatter-Saurus Feedback
    The help teaches and guides you through how to use the system so you can find what you are looking for.
    Platter-Saurus HelpPlatter-Saurus Help
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