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Welcome to Platter-Saurus – an exciting new Web-Site now also available in a printed Book format & cdROM.

NEW! Look for Platter-Saurus on - coming soon. 

I am currently working on the Search Engine to make searching easier (December 2015). The site had a small problem with apostrophes (') and inverted commas (") so I am making amendments to the program to correct this. If you are still experiencing problems, try avoiding the part of a Title with these punctuation marks in it (e.g. for Ain't Nobody Gettin' Nothin' type in: t nobody gettin). I will be testing the system on an on-going basis but I'm confident that the majority of entries have been identified and corrected. Also the Platter-Saurus Book will be available once again as a cdROM through Amazon - watch this space!

I have just finished doing Revisions affecting all Categories/Titles making the site even more comprehensive & accurate. There are still some printed Books left (as at October, 2015) - any cdROM's issued will reflect all the Revisions to the current date - please note that a free cdROM will accompany each Printed set of the Books (3 Volumes) so that your purchase will be completely up-to-date.

The advantage of the Book & cdROM/Download is that you can explore Musical Categories & find lots of Artists & Song Titles you may not have heard of before or perhaps have forgotten.

The advantage of the Web-Site is that you can look up an enquiry right away, research certain topics or find out at a glance all the songs by a given Artist, or, all the Artists who have recorded any given song. With the web-site as an instantaneous Search Engine with over 133,000 entries* (check out Song count below), and the Platter-Saurus Book format, you will find the answer to your music enquiries right at your fingertips - a must for Collectors, Music Professionals, Students as well as University, School & Municipal Libraries. NOTE: There are only 200 printed Books left - after that the Book will only be available on cdROM or downloaded as an eBook. If the printed version is what you need, please order right away.

The Web-Site is being continually up-dated, not only with new Songs from new Artists, but with expanded information about existing Artists & Songs. These up-dates appear in Revisions (see Tab) which can be freely accessed at any time. The latest Revisions are included on the cdROM (included free when you buy the Printed version of the Book or can be purchased separately) and in the eBook download facility.

The Book, cdROM/Download & the Web-Site are fully cross-referenced so that you can see at a glance the Aliases used by each Artist & then Search under the Alias name or the Alternate Titles used for each Song & Search under the Alternate Title (also referred to as the “Alias”).

Platter-Saurus also shows interesting information about certain Artists/Titles as well as the Country Of Origin, the Original Label, the Australian Label (where applicable), & the Original & Definitive Versions of Songs (where more than one Version has been recorded).

This is a new & unique reference data-base with applications for Music Professionals of all walks of life, Record Collectors, Students of music & Trivia buffs. Universities & Libraries will be particularly interested in this unique facility for their Reference Section - the cdROM/Download will extend the usefulness to all patrons by allowing them access to the information from Platter-Saurus on all Computer Stations.

Become a Member of & you can actually customise your own Collection in your very own data-base – click the Register icon to find out how. This facility is particularly valuable to Collectors/Sellers who wish to keep track of their Collection, Wants List & Inventory.

Use the Platter-Saurus icon to go to the link to order the Book & cdROM. You can pay by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, eCheck, $US cash, Money Order or Cheque.


Song count
Country Rock1875
Doo Wop2800
Girl Groups1879
Pop (Female)7888
Pop (Group)6871
Pop (Male)11475
Popular Jazz7258
Rhythm n‘ Blues27696
Rock & Roll8383
Surf (Inst.)1118
Surf (Vocals)665

Just think - over 27,000 Rhythm n' Blues records alone - how many do you think you know? If it's not 27,000 you need the Platter-Saurus Book/cdRom to show you the little gems you've forgotten or never knew about. Amongst the information you will find in Platter-Saurus is Original versions of songs; songs from Shows & Movies; Answer songs; Big Band Theme songs; songs used in TV ads; songs from TV series; the Book lets you know about songs recorded by other Artists and then by the Song Writer; special information about songs used in events like the Olympics and a special tab (Did You Know) that gives the history of songs like The Star Spangled Banner, House Of The Rising Sun, Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday (to name just some of them)! Platter-Saurus is a lot more than just a list of songs - it's a history of modern music which chronicles the emergence of songs from piano rolls in 1870 to the latest mp3's. It follows Jazz from it's earliest beginnings; Calypso; Novelty songs; Girl Groups; Surfing songs - they're all here in Platter-Saurus. In fact it's the only Book that brings all the different genres of modern music together in one volume. If it's a nice solid paper book you're after you need to hurry because there are less than 200 left. Once they're gone there will be no re-prints - Platter-Saurus will only be available as a cdROM. No matter which format you choose, the Platter-Saurus book will give you the advantage of being able to access thousands of songs you might never have known about. If you do decide to buy the printed form of the Book you will also receive, at no extra charge, two cdROM's of the entire Book, complete with up-to-date Revisions. I do hope you enjoy using Platter-Saurus.

Bill Stace (Author) 8th February 2016














There are currently 143591 entries spread over 24 Musical Categories taken from a hundred years of Popular Music so buy & enjoy!

  • Platter-Saurus is also available as a Book (only limited number of printed copies left) and a cdROM. These can be bought separately or, if you choose to buy the Book, the cdROM will be yours FREE! GO TO the "BUY THE BOOK" tab on the lower left of this page.
  • SPECIAL NOTE TO LIBRARIES & UNIVERSITIES - If you would like a printed copy of Platter-Saurus for your Reference Library there are only a limited number of printed Books left. These will not be re-printed so once they're gone, Platter-Saurus will only be available in cdROM format so please act NOW to secure your copy. Many libraries in Australia now have Platter-Saurus in their Reference Section - make sure your Library doesn't miss out! The Book will be accompanied by the cdROM (which includes all up-to-date Revisions) so that in-house computers can be loaded up with the Book for patrons to view at any time.
  • The FREE Platter-Saurus web-site now has a new tab "REVISIONS", which shows the main additions/amendments to the data-base. This page will be continually up-dated so that you will always have access to the most up-to-date information. My latest Revision included many New Zealand Artists who are now extensively represented - everything from Kiri Te Kanawa's first recording to Ray Columbus & the Invaders - check it out!
  • Both the Book & the cdROM will be available to all Countries around the World. Delivery will be co-ordinated so that when you place your order you will receive your Item/s as quickly as possible & at the cheapest postage rate available.
  • Platter-Saurus is unique in it's coverage of information as it brings together all forms of music into one central place for the first time.
  • Platter-Saurus covers 100 Years of Popular Music from all genres. This is the first time that the whole of 20th Century Music has been available in the one site.
  • Platter-Saurus identifies the Original & Definitive versions of songs & gives details of Record Labels, Country of Origin & in many cases will provide extra information in the Comments area such as the history of the song, details of the Movie or Show it was featured in, including the year. I also identify Theme songs, Answer songs & songs that have been used in Radio & TV commercials.
  • The "Did You Know" tab gives a concise history of a number of selected songs.
  • The Web-Site, the Book & the cdROM are all co-ordinated & cross-referenced making it easy to find the exact information you need. This makes Platter-Saurus an invaluable tool for all Music Professionals or anyone who has a curiosity about music of the 20th Century. Once you have used Platter-Saurus, you will wonder how you managed without it!
  • Song count
    Country Rock  
    Doo Wop  
    Girl Groups  
    Pop (Female)  
    Pop (Group)  
    Pop (Male)  
    Popular Jazz  
    Rhythm n‘ Blues  
    Rock & Roll  
    Surf (Inst.)  
    Surf (Vocals)  
    Total 143591
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